Have you ever heard of the QuantifiedSelf?

August 11, 2011

The QuantifiedSelf is an essential subject to Withings. In this article we describe this emerging trend originating from the U.S.

Self-tracking: QuantifiedSelf, what is it all about?

Are you using a computer, smartphone, or any other gadget, even a piece of paper and a pen, to register, store and analyze your personal data? Then you can consider yourself a “self-tracker”!
And if on top of that you share these data on the social networks i.e. Facebook or Twitter using self-tracking tools as Withings, RunKeeper, Libra, or platforms such as Google Health, then you’re practising the QuantifiedSelf.
About twenty cities in the States are arranging meetup groups called the “QS meetup groups“. This is a phenomenon, which is gradually gaining ground with currently 4.144 members spread over 36 groups in 10 countries.

“Self-quantification: To quantify, measure, and monitor you behaviour and progress.”

“Know thyself”: Socrates’ guiding rule

Each profile has its own motivation, but they all have a common goal: to know themselves better in order to attain a better lifestyle. For some, this is perceived as a scientific form of self-study to get to know oneself better through objective data. For others, the medical reasons are more important because self-tracking allows you to develop best practices for improving your lifestyle and reducing the risk of health complications. It quickly becomes clear that tools that help you measure and monitor key health indicators, such as a pedometer, a Withings body scale, or blood pressure monitor, come in handy.

A supportive community

While some people are self-tracking just by curiosity and to compare their results, others seek emotional support by sharing their results with their social networks.
Who hasn’t had a hard time keeping their New Year’s Resolution? The feeling of being alone in your efforts to achieve your goals is often a major cause of failure.
Sharing your goals with friends and the public display of daily efforts are without a doubt the best way to stay motivated. There is also a competitive spirit among the self-trackers, which gives rise to a positive rivalry that inspires people to surpass themselves.

What about you?

According to Socrates, observing our own nature makes us free and enables us to really know ourselves. He would definitely have been a member of the self-tracking community!
What is your opinion on self-tracking and the QuantifiedSelf movement? Do you think that we need to measure ourselves in order to learn how to optimize our health and improve our lifestyle?

Stay updated on the QuantifiedSelf community on their Twitter account and website.