The Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is now compatible with Runkeeper

August 16, 2011

Withings has a long-standing partnership with Runkeeper, one of the leading online plat-forms of fitness self-monitoring. For over a year, the Withings body-scale has been compatible with Runkeeper, meaning that users of Runkeeper who have connected their Withings scale with their account have their weight graphs update automatically and instantly on Runkeeper every time they weigh themselves.

Today, the same is possible with the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. With over 25% of the world population suffering from hypertension, self-monitoring of blood pressure is recommended by doctors all over the world.  Withings and Runkeeper now make it easy to track and store this vital health indicator.

Withings and Runkeeper
Runkeeper is connected with many apps and objects, including both Withings devices.

If you have already connected your Withings account with your Runkeeper account for the body-scale, then your blood pressure measurements are already sent automatically to your Runkeeper profile. Otherwise, simply go to Profile à My settings in Runkeeper, click on “Apps” and then on “Connect with Withings” and enter the login credentials for your Withings account.

Note that you need to subscribe to Runkeeper “Elite” program to be able to track your blood pressure on Runkeeper.