Coming soon: the first live demonstration of the Smart Baby Monitor

October 14, 2011

After San Francisco in September, Withings is heading for Berlin for the European version of Health 2.0 on October 27 and 28, where we will continue to promote our vision for improving health and well-being with connected devices. During this event, Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings will take the stage to make the first public live demonstration of the Smart Baby Monitor and display the capabilities of the devices and the functionalities of the application.

The Smart Baby Monitor comes equipped with a high-resolution, wide-angle camera, a powerful zoom and infrared vision to allow parents to watch their baby anytime, anywhere. Its microphone and speaker also allow for two-way communication with the toddler as well as other interactions, such as playing lullabies or turning on the night light. The Smart Baby Monitor connects with your smartphone, using either Bluetooth, local wireless network or over the Internet, enabling you and your family or friends to watch your baby from anywhere in the world, as long as your phone has Internet access.

The Smart Baby Monitor companion application, “WithBaby”, will be available on iOS devices with the release of the product and a web application accessible from any browser that supports Flash will follow soon after. The Smart Baby Monitor will be available for purchase in Europe at the end of October and a few weeks later in North America.

If you’re curious to see what the Smart Baby Monitor can do and you’re around Berlin on October 28th, be sure to check this demonstration! The demo will take place around 2:00 pm during the « Launch! » session, dedicated to debuting technologies. You can find all the details about the Health 2.0 Berlin conference at

The Smart Baby Monitor has many features and Cédric might not have time to demonstrate all of them during his presentation. Which ones are you most eager to see?