A new dashboard is available for My.Withings.com

December 22, 2011

We have introduced a few changes in the online dashboard at My.Withings.com. Here is a quick tour of the new features.

Changes on the main interface

–          The “Share” tab has been redesigned. We tried to make the icons and descriptions more explicit so that you can see exactly who you can share your data with.


–          We have added support for Facebook integration. You can now set it up to post your weight and/or blood pressure on your Facebook wall automatically, much like it is already possible to do with Twitter. Simply click on the “Share” tab and then on “Share on social networks” to access this new option. At this time Facebook settings do not allow us to enable the posting a single data point however, which is why only the Twitter button is available in the Widget in the bottom right corner.


–          We have added a new tab dedicated to partner services. In this tab, you can find all the services who have partnered with Withings and with whom you can sync your data. Click on any icon to see a description of the partner and how to connect your Withings scale or blood pressure monitor with them. Once you have completed the connection process, your weight and/or blood pressure data will be updated automatically on the partner service every time you take a new measurement.


–          In the same “Partner Services” tab, you now have the option to import data from other services and display it in the Withings interface. Two services are available at this time: Runkeeper (to import your daily running distances) and Zeo (to import your ZQ score). More services and devices will be added in the coming months. To display this new data, simply use the dropdown menus on the top and bottom graphs.

Changes on the Widget

The Widget is what we call the box in the bottom right corner of the screen that displays the details of the various readings.

–          You can now reassign a measurement that has been added mistakenly to the wrong user profile by selecting it and clicking on the button shown in the image below.

–          A new button on the widget allows you to display your weight and blood pressure data in a chart. This is also where you can add new measures manually.


–          Finally, if for some reason you don’t like the new look (but we certainly hope that you will!), you can always click on the link for “Standard dashboard” to return to the usual interface. Please note however that the function to import and display data from other services and devices only works in the new dashboard. You can switch at will between the two.

Let us know what you think!