Connected health monthly mash-up #11

July 31, 2012

Wireless device can detect anemia
Glasswing is a wireless medical device that can detect anemia and hemorrhage in a non-invasive way. It is capable of identifying hemoglobin levels without using a needle, only by measuring the light that is transmitted through the patient’s finger. The device has already been shown in two separate trials and the results have been extremely promising.

A new robot will connect doctors with their patients
A robot manufacturer in Bedford is working on a telemedicine model that will be used in hospitals especially at night or at other times when staff levels are low. The robot will allow doctors to “visit” their patients virtually and even take measurements from a distance in real time. It will be equipped with cameras, microphones, 3-D mapping sensors, a stethoscope and a screen and will send all recorded data to the doctor’s smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

The « telemedicine » robot is designed to help patients get in contact with their doctor in case of emergency

A digital hospital soon to be built in Australia
The Hervey Bay private hospital aims to be the most modern hospital in the world. Based in Australia, the hospital will be equipped with the latest technology and will take health care on another level. All staff members will be wearing identification tags so that they can be monitored via GPS tracking and medical equipment will be easily located with the help of RFID tags and more than 350 computers.

Smartphones could be used for diagnosing eye injuries in the emergency department
According to a study conducted by a research team at Emory University, iPhone photos of eyes can be used by doctors to diagnose certain eye diseases.  More precisely, after testing with 350 patients, doctors concluded that iPhone images are much clearer and have a higher quality of desktop ones and therefore iPhones could be used in the emergency room to obtain information in a fast way and improve patient care.

Infographic : the wonderful possibilities of m-health
This infographic by Orange business shows in a great way how mobile communications are transforming healthcare. Check it out to see how mhealth can help you take care of each part of your body.