Testimonials: 2 Londoners talk about their Withings device

December 12, 2012

We asked London-based Withingers if they were interested in sharing their experience. We received an email from Will Moore, who is very happy with his Smart Baby Monitor, and Matthew Singleton, whose Wi-Fi Body Scale is an essential element of his fitness equipment. Here are their stories. If you feel like supporting us in our efforts to come up with the new products and apps for your family’s health and wellness, please consider the one or several of the actions listed at the end of this article 😉


Will Moore and his Smart Baby Monitor



Matthew Singleton and his Wi-Fi Body Scale


Please support Withings!

• Respond to our call for “London Love”! Send us an email (community@withings.com) so we can get in touch to film you at your place, using your Withings device, and talking about it. In exchange we have a surprise for you! 🙂
• You can send us your written testimonial, in an email to community@withings.com. We will publish it on this blog and on social networks. Attaching a photo of you and/or your device is a plus 🙂 For example, if you want to “give back some love” to the Wi-Fi Body Scale because it helped you lose weight, you can send us before-and-after photos and a screencap of your weight curve.
• You can write a review of your Withings device on Amazon. This really means a lot to us. Here are the links to the different pages where you can submit your review:
Wi-Fi Body Scale,
Wireless Scale,
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You can also review our apps…

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