How To Use Your Nokia Home

August 22, 2015

Just getting started with your new home monitoring system? Read on to learn more about the awesome range of features you can take advantage of when you hook up your Nokia Home and how to enjoy your free month of Premium Security.

Accessing the Live Video Feed:

• Open the Nokia Home app on your smartphone
• Tap twice on the video screen to display it in full screen
• From here you can tilt, pan or zoom
Want to scare the dog as he rips through yet another pillow? Or say hi to the kids when they get home from school? With Home’s push-to-talk features, communication is easier than ever before. Simply press and hold microphone button when you’re speaking. Your voice will play through the speakers of the Nokia Home and the sounds of your friends, family and pets will play from the speakers of your smartphone.

Viewing the Journal:

Whenever your Nokia Home detects sound or motion, or when the VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels get too high, events are added to your Journal. You can access your Journal by opening the Home app.
• Tap an event to view it
• Tap and slide to the left to share or delete events

Using the Control Center:

Home has a wide range of features and we want to make sure you have access to the ones that are most important to you. That’s why we created the Control Center with four distinct modes to choose from.
Active Monitoring→ The Active Monitoring mode allows you to record all events (noise, motion and air quality alerts) and to receive notifications for all alerts, based on the alert sensitivity you’ve set up.
Do Not Disturb→The Do Not Disturb mode allows you to record all events (noise, motion and air quality alerts). However, no notifications are sent to you while you’re in this mode. It overrides all the notifications preferences you’ve set up. This mode is a good option if you’re at home and don’t want to trigger any of the alerts.
Baby Monitor→ The Baby Monitor mode allows you to hear and see everything that’s happening, even with the Nokia Home app in background or if your smartphone is in sleep or standby mode.
Camera Off→ The Camera Off mode disables all video recording (whether or not you have subscribed to our Premium Security plan) and all notifications. You can choose to use this mode whenever you’re home, for example. Although the camera is off, Home will continue to perform air quality measurements.

Baby Monitor Features:

You might not be home to tuck him in every night, but you can always lull your baby to sleep with Home’s new and improved baby monitor features.
To start a lullaby program:
-Tap the moon button
-Slide your finger on the wheel to set duration
-Press the three-dot button to adjust volume, color brightness
-Home will play lullaby and light up according to your settings

Premium Security:

You never want to miss a moment and with our Cloud Video Recording Premium Security Plan, you don’t have to. The best part? The first month is FREE for ALL new Home users and there are no strings attached — you can cancel anytime, but we think you won’t want to.
Premium Security: 30-day continuous recording, 30 days worth of timeline items in HD. Download and share any and all memories.
Starting your free trial is easy. Simply:
-Open the Nokia Home app
-Tap settings
-Tap Cloud Video Recording
-Select Premium Security plan
-Enter payment info — you won’t be charged for anything with the free trial, and it will only be used if you decide to keep your Premium Security advantages running
-Start plan

Modifying Your Settings:

We believe in the power of a customized and satisfactory user experience. Want to adjust the sensitivity and frequency of specific notifications? Follow these simple steps:
-Open the Nokia Home app
-Tap settings
-Select your Home
-Adjust sensitivity and frequency to your liking

Multi-cam options:

You can’t be in two places at once, but with multiple Home cameras, you can have more eyes in more places. Keep an eye on the baby’s room and monitor the air quality in the garage all at the same time. Though you cant view simultaneous camera views at once on the same device, you can switch easily between screen. If you have several Nokia Homes installed on your account, tap the live stream of the one you’re interested in to see more details.
Have more questions? Contact Nokia Support.