Smart Notifications Are Here for Steel HR

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September 3, 2018

Steel HR has all text, email, and calendar alerts plus notifications from all your favorite apps right on your wrist, so you can keep moving and stay connected. Read on to learn how to easily customize the experience so you get the notifications that you want most.

Now you can stay on the grid, but off your phone Smart notifications have arrived for Steel HR. Stay connected on the run, in the pool, and anywhere life takes you with alerts from all your favorite apps right on your wrist. When you get a notification, a gentle vibration will alert you, along with information on the watch screen. Are you excited to take a break from your phone screen? Here’s how to activate and personalize these notifications so you can keep connected on the go. New users: during installation After calibrating the hands of your watch, you’ll get instructions on how to use your watch. You will then be able to activate notifications for Calendar, Messages, and Calls, as well as all your favorite apps. All users: after installation Enable and manage your notifications by going to Devices>Steel HR>Notifications and enabling or disabling the notifications you want to receive on your watch. The list of available applications will increase as time goes by. If you do not find the application you want in the list, be patient: it will appear the next time that app sends a notification. Just be aware that to see these apps and control them, you need to have your watch near your phone.

And that’s it! Now you can take a vacation from your phone screen—without missing anything important.