Withings Wins Big at CES 2019: Read All About It

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January 7, 2019

Today Withings announced three new devices at CES 2019. See what won awards, what caught the attention of the press, and where you can learn more.

We’re proud to announce that we were honored with two CES 2019 Innovation Awards. If you want to know all about our new product launches, just go to our Withings CES 2019 page, where you’ll also find out how to be the first to get your hands on these. But don’t just take our word for it. The press is buzzing. Below, find a sample of articles that are hot off the virtual presses about the newest additions to our connected health family. Check them out and—if you’re in Vegas now for CES—come by and say howdy. We’d love to meet you IRL and wow you with demos. We’re also going to have some surprises. We’re at the Sands Expo, 2nd floor, booth #45137.   Three new Withings devices at CES

Press reacts to Withings product announcements at CES 2019

Business Insider: The best wearable we saw at CES 2019

“French tech company Withings took the crown of the best wearable at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show with [Move ECG,] its new hybrid watch.” — Avery Hartmans  

Forbes: Withings New Health Wearables Include World’s 1st ECG-Capable Analog Watch

“I’ve been a fan of Withings for a while now, and the latest products seem to show a manufacturer flourishing in its new-found independence.” — David Phelan

Tom’s Guide: Withings Challenges Apple With First ECG Analog Watch

“Withings says Move ECG offers 12-month battery life, which bests the Series 4 by about 363 days…At a more affordable price point, Move ECG could appeal to more people — and potentially save a lot of lives.”— Caitlin McGarry  

Mashable: Withings ECG smartwatch is an analog Apple Watch killer

“Withings has a long history of debuting some of the most talked about health products at CES…As someone who literally just bought an Apple Watch, I must admit I’m thoroughly impressed. The design of the Withings ECG is much more subtle, and doesn’t scream, “I’m a dad!” to anyone who sees you wearing it. Plus the battery life is infinitely better (12 months per charge!), and the app design is much more focused on health. In sum, I wish I’d have waited to buy this watch instead of my Apple Watch.” — Michael Nuñez


Engadget: Withings’ latest fitness watch has a built-in ECG. Don’t underestimate what this cute analog watch can do.

“The most surprising thing about handling the watches are how light they are, without feeling flimsy or cheap.”— Daniel Cooper

TechCrunch: Withings promises an extensive at-home health solution for $250

“The BPM Core…looks to be one Withings’ most ambitious product offerings to date. The product combines three key pieces of cardiovascular health monitoring: blood pressure, Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) and valvular health (a digital stethoscope).”— Brian Heater

CNET: Withings puts ECG in its $130 Move fitness watch at CES 2019: The analog watch with electrocardiogram is a third of the price of an Apple Watch S4.

“…the Move ECG looks like one of the most promising signs that ECG tech could start entering more affordable fitness wearables this year.” — Scott Stein  

TechRadar: Withings Move ECG is the first hybrid smartwatch to feature an ECG monitor

“Withings has just announced two new fitness trackers at CES 2019, and one incorporates a major innovation that we’ve previously only seen on the Apple Watch Series 4 in a smartwatch…The ECG monitor allows you to detect heart conditions like atrial fibrillation that without this sort of monitor can be difficult to spot. ” — James Packham

The Verge: Withings’ new smartwatch has an EKG sensor to compete with the Apple Watch

“Beyond the watches, Withings is also launching its BPM Core, a connected cuff and stainless steel tube that’s designed to take blood pressure readings, monitor your heart rhythm, and listen to your heart through a digital stethoscope…The setup charges over Micro USB and it can perform “hundreds of measurements” on a single charge.” — Ashley Carman


9to5Mac: Withings brings ECGs to its new analog smartwatch and blood pressure monitor, launches affordable smartwatch with 18 month battery life

“Withings has unveiled a trio of new products tonight at CES. We’ve got new a 3-in-1 health device called BPM Core that can take blood pressure, ECGs (electrocardiograms), and also be used as a stethoscope. Withings has also introduced Move ECG, the first analog smartwatch to offer ECGs, and a new affordable smartwatch collection called Move.” — Michael Potuck  

Apple Insider: iPhone users can get ECG readings from the Withings BPM Core cardiovascular monitor, Move fitness trackers “Withings is expanding its range of health-related devices by introducing the BPM Core cardiovascular monitor, while its wearable fitness tracking range grows with the introduction of the Move collection, including one that is the first analog watch that has on-demand electrocardiogram capabilities.” — Malcom Owen


Ars Technica: Withings undercuts Apple Watch, debuts $129 ECG monitoring smartwatch

“In addition to ECG monitoring, the Move ECG tracks daily activity and sleep, with step-count progress shown in the sub-dial on the analog watch face. It automatically detects and tracks certain activities. Those activities include swimming, thanks to the device’s 50-meter water resistance. The Move ECG also has a connect GPS mode that lets you map outdoor activities when using the Health Mate app in conjunction with the smartwatch.” — Valentina Palladino move-watch-activity-tracker

Android Central: Newly independent, Withings returns with colorful $70 Move smartwatch that lasts 18 months

Wareable: Withings BPM Core could help you cut down on those check-ups at the doctors

Wareable: First look at the Withings Move hybrid that packs in the features, but keeps that price tag low

  Wired: CES 2019: We’re here in Vegas, touching all the gadgets

“The Apple Watch may have made electrocardiograms the hot new smartwatch feature, but the new Withings Move ECG makes it a lot more affordable.” — Jeffrey Van Camp

  Digital Trends: Withings Move ECG hands-on review “We love the compact nature of the watch, and it elegantly suits most outfits — whether it’s worn to the gym or to a formal event.” — Julian Chokkattu
  Oh, and speaking of innovation, did you know that Withings invented the Wi-Fi smart scale and brought it into the world in 2009? To celebrate a decade of healthy connections, we also just launched a New Year New You smart scale sale. If you’ve got resolutions to crush, we’ve got a tool that can help.