How Trainerize & Withings Help Personal Training Clients Crush Their Fitness Goals

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August 3, 2020

Withings is partnering with Trainerize, an online platform that personal fitness trainers can use to provide health and fitness coaching to their clients. How does it work? Read on.

Chris Edwards, owner/founder TriCore Wellness
Chris Edwards, owner/founder TriCore Wellness

As the founder of TriCore Wellness, a wellness management company located in Naples, Florida, Chris Edwards knows a thing or two about helping people reach their health and fitness goals.
For more than 15 years, Edwards, pictured, has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them eat better, kick bad habits, and become more active. For the last few years, he’s been doing it with an innovative training methodology that focuses on the integration of technology, health data, and professional coaching.
What this means is that Chris and his team use connected health and fitness devices as a core element of their training services, using them to measure clients’ body stats and core health metrics. Then they apply professional expertise to turn that data into custom-tailored training programs and guidance.
Among their favorite connected devices and wearables are those made by Withings.
“One of the key features of our complete wellness programs is the way we include and use the Withings Body Cardio Scale,” Chris explains. “We love this scale, and our clients love it too. It looks good, it’s really sleek, it fits nicely in the house, it’s extremely accurate, and it measures the body stats we need to make informed coaching decisions—from BMI and bone density to body weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, and a whole lot more.”

Effortless data sync helps trainers to monitor clients wherever they are
Effortless data sync helps trainers to monitor clients wherever they are

For the TriCore Wellness team, though, the ultimate feature of the scale and the wider range of Withings devices is how it integrates with their custom branded app from Trainerize.
Trainerize is an online platform that trainers like Chris and his team can use to deliver fitness-, nutrition-, and habit-coaching programs straight to their clients’ smartphones. Coaches can also use the app to message and motivate their clients, offering them the accountability they need to stay on track and the guidance they need to make the right choices.
The Withings integration for Trainerize allows trainers to sync their clients’ connected devices and wearables to the platform, giving them unparalleled access to important information about their clients’ habits, activities, progress, and overall health.
“Having all of the health data I need right there in the same platform where my team and I are building out training programs and providing nutrition coaching is priceless,” Chris says.
Because Chris and his team offer online and remote coaching and work with clients around the world, synced health data plays a critical role in the training process. “It makes my job as a coach easier and my programming more effective, which helps our clients achieve the results they’re looking for.”
To make the most of this integration, all of TriCore Wellness’ clients are encouraged to use their wearables and connected devices as often as possible—and to seamlessly add them to their daily lives.
As Chris puts it, “We’re all about connected health because of how easy it makes monitoring our clients. Accountability is key; It’s how we make sure our clients are having success and living their best life. It’s next-level health.”
Are you a fitness professional or coach like Chris? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Trainerize and see how you can use your clients’ Withings devices to help them achieve their health goals.