Flore Schwoerer

Surrounded by a family of medical/healthcare professionals, I love to have quality Vidal/Martindale/PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) time with my relatives listening to them argue about the best way to fix a heart or the importance of getting a flu shot.

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A Wake-Up Call to Improve Health with a Nap

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Olympic Data Dive: What Countries Are Withings Medal Winners

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Two female Mountainbikers are taking a brake at lake Poschiavo, which is a natural lake in the Poschiavo valley.Poschiavo is a municipality in the district of Bernina in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.

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Online community helps Laurence maintain healthy weight

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10 Expert Sleep Tips from Dr. Pierre Escourrou


Mercotte’s Recipe for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Shooting a Video Helped YouTuber Uncover Silent Hypertension

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