Introducing Smart Wake-Up™ for Steel HR

Heart health
April 5, 2017

With the latest update, Smart Wake-Up™ is now available for Steel HR. Learn more about this feature and how it can help you wake up at the perfect moment.

Steel HR, our activity & heart rate watch, offers sleep tracking and a silent vibrating alarm, both tools for improving your sleep and waking experience. Now, we are excited to announce that Steel HR will also offer Smart Wake-Up™, a feature that helps you wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle, so you feel alert and ready to take on the day.   How does it work? Instead of setting one particular alarm time, you will now set a window of time for waking up. Steel HR will then detect the best possible moment to wake you within that time frame, based on when you are in your lightest stage of sleep. smartwakeup-illus   How does this feature benefit me? Being forced awake by an alarm mid-sleep cycle can cause you to feel groggy, confused, or irritated, feelings which can last throughout the day. Smart Wake-Up™ identifies the best time to wake you up to avoid these feelings, allowing you to wake up more smoothly. Imagine actually waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested!   How do I take advantage of this feature? smart-wake-up-en 1. Go to my devices and select Steel HR 2. Click on “Set my alarm” 3. Set your alarm time 4. Drag the Smart Wake-Up™ bubble to define a window of time before your alarm 5. Steel HR will wake you up at the optimal moment within that window Go try it out! Who knows—you might just discover you’re a morning person after all.